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Tenute Dettori launches the KENT'ANNOS agriturism

A partnership between the Dettori family and noted food and wine expert Piero Careddu will shortly lead to the opening of KENT’ANNOS: the Tenute Dettori agriturism. Kent’Annos, a milestone project in the field of wine tourism, is located alongside the vineyards of the Dettori family’s now famed winery estate. Their passion for producing wines of absolute quality, wines that for some time now have been winning the highest praise from even the most demanding wine critics, both Italian and international, now finds its complement in the Dettoris’ love for their local cuisine and its future directions. The natural setting for this new adventure is just a few kilometres from Sennori and Sassari, where the vineyards of Badde Nigolosu slope down to the sea, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Gulf of Asinara. This unique venue will witness, beginning this June, a whole range of wine, food, and cultural activities. Dettori’s winemaking cellars have been re-structured and re-located beneath the ancient Sardinian house; around this historic structure will rise the brand-new agriturism that will become the connecting link between Piero and the Dettoris, representing a determination to restore to the agriturism concept the dignity that it has lost over the years. The key philosophy is the exclusive utilisation of seasonal products raised on the estate, which is achievable thanks to the truck gardens, orchards, and livestock breeding carried out on the property, with every operation performed with no use whatsoever of synthetic chemicals. This philosophy will make possible the “restoration” and re-introduction of dishes that have been lost to the collective memory in our area, and the re-examination and creation of new standard-bearers of Sardinian gastronomy. There will also be guided tours of the vineyards and cellars, organised wine tastings, and meals featuring traditional local food specialties. Cultural events and concerts will fill the calendar, as well as exchange programmes with other fine food and wine centres around Italy and across the globe. A retail shop will offer food products, breads baked in a wood-fired oven, and fresh produce from the local area to visitors who wish to take home the flavours of their Kent’Annos experience. Dettori thus offers an innovative agriturism that marries the cuisine of the cherished past to the culture of the land.

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