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The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) and Mie Prefecture, in conjunction with the HRI Foundation, are joining forces to give sake the international recognition it deserves. This ancient beverage whose history spans back thousands of years has successfully perpetuated its sacred traditions yet remained an everyday drink. It will be showcased in a bespoke competition in October 2018.
The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is an organisation boasting 25 years’ expertise in the wines and spirits industry and is recognised for its independence, its rigour and its proficiency in organising international competitions and promotional events. 
The partnership between CMB and Mie Prefecture has led to the creation of an independent competition with no ties to any producers’ associations or organisations: Sake Selection by Concours Mondial. The event will take place in Ise-Shima on October 11-12-13, 2018. An international panel of professional judges will guarantee the reliability of results.
Why a sake competition?
  • To promote Japanese excellence in producing sake and reveal to international consumers the diversity, character and different customs involved in drinking sake.
  • To offer winning producers recognition and an effective promotional tool in global markets by capitalising on their accolade: the Masu, a symbol of excellence.
Professional organisation guaranteeing results:
  • The day before the tastings, judges receive training geared to the tasting protocol selected by our Japanese and international expert
  • Each panel comprises 5 judges who blind taste flights of sake arranged by category. No more than 35 sakes are tasted by day and by panel
  • The judging panels are international and include 80% of non-Japanese professionals; these are experienced judges committed to promoting sake and positioning themselves as genuine talent scouts.

This competition only involves sake of Japanese origin in the following 7 categories:
  • Honjozo-shu (includes both Honjozo and Tokubetsu Honjozo grade Sake)
  • Ginjo-shu (includes both Ginjo and Daiginjo grade Sake)
  • Junmai-shu (includes both Junmai and Tokubetsu Junmai grade Sake)
  • Junmai Ginjo-shu
  • Junmai Daiginjo-shu
  • Sparkling Sake
  • Jukusei-shu (aged Sake)
Sakes entered in Sake Selection by Concours Mondial will be subdivided into those 7 categories, tasted and judged by an international panel of recognised, professional tasters, following a protocol devised jointly by Shinya Tasaki, chairman of the Japanese Sommelier Association and 1995 World’s Best Sommelier, and Sylvain Huet, 1st French Sake Samurai (2012) and Chairman of the “Salon du Sake” European Fair for Sake, Technical International Expert for the Sake Selection contest.
platinum, gold and silver Masu will be awarded in each sake category, but not systematically. The results will be announced in November.
The first Sake Selection by Concours Mondial will take place on October 11-12-13, 2018 in Ise-Shima and will feature 35 judges. Mie Prefecture will have the great privilege of opening its doors to the world of Japanese and international sake. The following events will take place in other prefectures whose history, rice production, spring water and climate enable them to offer a diverse array of characterful sakes to the global community.
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