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The importance of Italian language for foreign cooks

by Chiara Callimaci


As an Italian teacher at Italcook and a translator of English, Japanese and French, I would like to underline the importance of the language for foreign students.
Those who already have a basic knowledge of the language upon arrival have an obvious advantage, whether it is because they took a course in their own country, because they spent some time in Italy previously, or because they have Italian origins.
My advice to future students of Italcook is that they “learn Italian where it is spoken." That is exactly why Italcook organizes a one month Italian language course before the Master and a two week course before the new specialization course on traditional Italian cuisine, to make learning easier and facilitate communication between students, chefs and teachers.
On the first day, after the test, the students are invited to go on a guided tour of the town with the language teacher, which gives them a chance to make contact with Italian lifestyle and culture, too.
Depending on the students' starting level, the aim of the course is to provide the necessary means to overcome the initial difficulties a person may face in a foreign country and, afterwards, to gradually expand communication skills and teach technical culinary terms. Living immersed in the country's culture while listening, reading and speaking Italian with people from different countries, the students will learn a lot in a short time, both inside the classroom and outside. Knowing the language, they will be able to share moments of conviviality with teachers and other students, even after class.
A language is much more than just grammar rules and a list of words: it is a form of communication between people that includes gesticulation, intonation and facial expressions… that is why it is not possible to learn Italian only by studying from a book. Instead, it is necessary to interact with the inhabitants. Thanks to the hospitality and openness of the citizens of Jesi, where the school is, our students are in the best conditions to make new Italian friends and learn the language of our country.
The students will return home knowing a beautiful language and, what's more, they will have a greater number of job opportunities in their life.
Chiara Callimaci