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The Campania cuisine

by Antonio Tubelli (ItalCook)


The particularity of the school of Jesi lies in having emphasized a fundamental characteristic
of Italian cuisine: regionalisation. Italian cuisine has been bound to the atrusian concept of unity for too long ,due to the need to present a gastronomic amalgamation as an equivalent of political unification: Artusi as the Garibaldi of food. This approach has nullified
regional idiosyncrasies and resulted in regrettable losses, one of which is the superb cuisine
of Southern Italy.
The reinstatement of regional identities has opened the door to numerous proposals and gastronomic traditions which oppose the attempts of modern globalisation to homologate
products and culinary creations. Regional cuisine has been real discovery for students, awakening their interest and gastronomic  curiosity.
The school of Jesi is a training field to gain experience and promote cultural exchange,
where food and regional gastronomy tell the history of our country.
Antonio Tubelli