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Costigliole d’Asti - THE TOWNS OF WINE


Many were the projects, the initiatives and the original ideas having an “ecological footprint” presented during the “2008 Autumn Convention of the Towns of Wine”, that is to say the “general states” of the areas having the highest wine producing vocation in Italy, representing a circuit of over 569 local associations, a virtual itinerary through Italy and its historical places, cities of art, sea-coasts and mountains and every town having an enogastronomic history to tell. The association gathers 415 Italian municipalities with the aim of enhancing and promoting the environmental, historical, tourist and landscape resources of the wine territories; territories where the production of DOC wines is a common factor and that are tied to this precious product by historical, traditional and cultural reasons. The Convention took place from the 16th to the 19 of October, in the territory hosting the”Comunità delle Colline tra Langa e Monferrato”, where over 250 delegates, coming from all the Italian wine regions joining the Association, visited the major wineries in the area, attended seminars and could enjoy the art and historical beauties of this part of Piedmont. At the end of the event, on Saturday October 18th, a Gala Dinner took place in the halls of the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti, masterly interpreted by ICIF, attended by the 250 delegates and by many local personalities who had the opportunity to taste the dishes prepared by the chefs, helped by the Brazilian and Indian students of the school.

In collaboration whit Icif  (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners)