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» The importance of Italian language for foreign cooks [Talk about in the headlines]

di Chiara Callimaci

(25/01/2009) As an Italian teacher at Italcook and a translator of English, Japanese and French, I would like to underline the importance of the language for foreign students. Those who already have a basic knowledge of the language upon arrival have an obvious advantage, whether it is because they took a... (Continue>>>)

» An Epicurean Exchange! []

di Melanie Doerksen (ItalCook)

(11/01/2009) It is with great speed that I have to write this brief letter, which seems ironic because it is the exact opposite experience one has when they arrive at the doors of Ital.Cook. Eleven lucky graduates from the culinary management program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada just... (Continue>>>)

» The Campania cuisine [Oenogastronomic Routes and Tourism]

(21/11/2008) The particularity of the school of Jesi lies in having emphasized a fundamental characteristic of Italian cuisine: regionalisation. Italian cuisine has been bound to the atrusian concept of unity for too long ,due to the need to present a gastronomic amalgamation as an equivalent ofpolitical... (Continue>>>)

» Olive oil in “le Marche” [Oenogastronomic Routes and Tourism]

(14/11/2008) There is conclusive evidence of olive agriculture in Roman times, in a description from the third century B.C of a tribute in oil that the “Province” had to pay the empire until its fall. In the dark centuries of the Middle Ages, when the stability of the previous life conditions... (Continue>>>)

» Verdicchio Wine [Talk about wine]

(07/11/2008) This year, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi celebrates 40° years of DOC sanction. As in all commemorative occasions, it is traditional to enumerate its achievements and highlight its role in the economic development of animportant part of the region of Le Marche. Firstly, we speak of the... (Continue>>>)

» [Knowledges and Tastes]

(06/11/2008) In recent times, food production has been monopolized by "intensive agriculture" which aims to achieve “average tonnage” and a “record harvest”. " However, seeking an abundant harvest at all costs has a price; now more than ever, the production of food... (Continue>>>)